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Ranch Hand Slat Style

Now you can get the legendary Wilson quality you know and trust in a slat style aluminum livestock trailer.

Wilson is now offering a double wall slat style aluminum livestock trailer along with our ever popular punch side models. The new double wall slat style has been field proven to be very rugged and of course it is made of aluminum so it will be very long lasting. Haul with confidence and realize your lowest cost of ownership with Wilson.

Wilson offers slat style patterns for hauling both cattle and hogs plus the trailer is built on the same all-aluminum sub frame as Wilson's other punch side gooseneck livestock models.

Available in 5 popular lengths with the same list of convenient optional equipment as the Ranch Hand punch side model.

Heavy-duty double wall construction
Aluminum sub frame
Patented rear door Slam Catch
Full-length running boards
Superior full-framed gate construction

Check out the Advantages and Popular Options below to see why you may want a Wilson Slat Style trailer. 

Slat Style Side

The double-walled slat style walls are constructed using aluminum extruded tubes, which are interlocked and bonded together to form a very strong and durable wall. By forming the wall in this manner, Wilson has created a very smooth interior wall without any vertical posts plus there are no areas that will collect animal waste and become a biosecurity problem.

Interior Walls

Without vertical posts, the interior walls of the Wilson slat style trailer are some of the industy's smoothest. Wilson Trailer also takes great care to eliminate sharp edges on their gate connections to help curtail animal bruising.

Slam Catch

The patented catch allows the rear door to be slammed closed and secured. When closing the rear door, the spring-loaded catch grabs ahold of the rear door, allowing the operator more time to engage the lock rod and secure the door the rest of the way shut. Feel more confident and more protected with the Slam Catch.

Aluminum Sub Frame

With Ranch Hand's aluminum sub frame not only are the weight savings big, there are no painted steel sub frame components under the trailer to lose paint, cause rust or electrolysis…the enemy of aluminum trailers.

Running Boards

Full-length running boards on both sides, ahead and after the fenders, allow plenty of standing room for load inspection.


Wilson uses the hardest alloy available with the highest diamond tread height to create a long-lasting floor with excellent traction for livestock. Four corrugations run the full length of the trailer yielding a floor with great strength.


Roof skin stretched to maximum efficiency makes it uncommonly tough for extra life.


Wilson manufactures their heavy-duty gates with fully framed aluminum construction and hinge grease zerks to reduce wear, operate more smoothly, and last longer. The full-width hinges reduce sag, lessen movement in the sidewalls, and provide for stiffer connections.


Water, road dirt, gravel, and animal waste – Nothing can easily get to and damage the trailer's wiring. It's enclosed and protected.

LED Interior Light

One interior light is standard on models 22 feet and shorter. Two interior lights are standard on models 24 feet and longer. These bio-secure lights are made by Grote exclusively for Wilson Trailer.

Skid Plate

The rear of the trailer can drag when pulled across uneven surfaces. This scraping action can roll dirt and gravel up into the sub frame and potentially pulling the rear of the trailer out. To guard against this, Wilson puts in a full width skid plate across the rear of their sub frames.

Side Patterns

The Ranch Hand Slat Style has two available side patterns.

Nose Gates

Divide Gates

Wilson divide gates are designed with minimal deflection so they will remain reliable and easy to operate for the life of the trailer.

(Photos of available gates are shown in a punch side trailer but are also available in the slat style trailer)

Rear Ends


Sealed Access Door

Sealed access door available on the side or the front of the nose.

Lighted Sign

Lighted sign on the nose – Lettering is included


Aluminum Wheels


.110" thick flat tread plate with crossbars on 9" centers is optional. (9” U-tube crossbar spacing is also optional)

Side Accessories

(Photos of available side accesories are shown in a punch side trailer but are also available in the slat style trailer)

Rear Door Prop Rod

Helps to hold the rear door open.

Weather Closeouts

Protect your livestock from the elements with these optional slide-in plexiglass inserts.

Gross Vehicle Weight Rating

16,000 GVWR included in base price.


16 ft. nominal, plus gooseneck - 5716.
18 ft. nominal, plus gooseneck - 5718.
20 ft. nominal, plus gooseneck - 5720.
22 ft. nominal, plus gooseneck - 5722.
24 ft. nominal, plus gooseneck - 5724.


7 ft. inside width.


6 ft.-8 in. inside height.


2-5/16 in. diameter ball-type with adjustable coupler height.

Front End

Tapered front.


Interlocking hollow tube slat, horizontally stacked and glued together.

Choice of side: Cattle or Hog.


One-piece, stretched aluminum.

Rear Door

Choose between Style "A", "B" and "E".

Rear End

Full-width rubber bumper.


BELLY: .110" thick aluminum treadplate with 4 longitudinal corrugations. Crossbars on 9" centers. Aluminum Sub-frame. NOSE: .102" thick flat aluminum.

Landing Gear

12,000 lb. drop leg with high-speed crank.


Four-wheel; electric; 2 in. x 12 in.

Brake Breakaway Kit

Accidental disconnect safety feature.


Two - 7,000 lb. rubber torsion; E-Z Lube hubs.


Must be added to the order.


Must be added to the order.

Spare Tire Carrier

Curb side, front drop.

Side Door

One - With lock rod latch, located on driver's side, with 33" opening, or 50" opening.


Meets or exceeds I.C.C. standards.

Interior Lights

1) Interior light on 22 ft. models and shorter.
(2) Interior lights on 24 ft. models.


Extruded aluminum.

Crowd Gate

Style "A" with outside release latch; punched pan.

Nose Gate

Style "D" – solid pan type, fold down


Extruded aluminum with aluminum extruded running board rail.


Steel coated with black Corsol™ anti-corrosive metal treatment; all aluminum left natural.