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Shown with optional "Duffy" side pattern.

Silverstar PSDCL Aluminum Livestock Trailer

Drop center, multi-level semi livestock hauling at its best. The Silverstar livestock trailer by Wilson Trailer gives you superior ventilation, superior gate construction, riveted aluminum construction and high performance – Your best value!

  • Aerodynamically smooth wrap-around radius front
  • Tuned Suspension - Better handling
  • Solid lightweight riveted aluminum construction
  • Weight saving aluminum sub frame

"Nothing pulls better than a Wilson"

Multiple configurations available for side patterns, gates, ramps, and axles. Check out Advantages and Popular Optons.

Side Skins

The side skins of the Silverstar feature hole punches that are double embossed with side post spacing set on 21" centers for greater strength. Riveting is also spaced closer together to provide for a greater skin to post attachment and creating the Silverstar's strong side construction.

Wilson's larger oval slots provide more airflow than a comparably punched trailer adding to Silverstar's superior ventilation. Wilson designs the side patterns to minimize leakage, retain less contamination, and make the trailer easier to wash out, thus the Silverstar is your best choice concerning bio-security.

Wilson's super smooth interior walls also provide for less bruising and less stress on valuable livestock. Check out the side hole patterns exclusively designed for specific types of livestock being hauled in the Options section.


Don't let yourself be told all floors are the same. They are not! Wilson's flooring is a 6061T6 hardness aluminum – The hardest aluminum available for the best wearing and the floor incorporates the highest diamond tread height for the surest footing.

The floor corrugations are on 16" centers and conveniently stop about 10" in front of the floor drains to make clean out much easier.

Wilson fastens the floors to the 3" cross bars with non-corrosive stainless steel rivets. Fastening, instead of welding the floors to the cross bars on 12" centers, makes the floor stronger with less wash boarding of the tread plate. There are also no welds to crack.

The floor of a livestock trailer directly affects the trailer's resale value – An important element to consider when purchasing a new trailer. Wilson offers the best floors in the business and their trailers fetch the best prices at trade-in time.

Floor Crossbars

Wilson’s U-shaped floor crossbar has a wider top flange to allow the crossbar to be fastened on both sides and therefore creating more strength and stability for the floor. Because there are no ledges for manure or bedding to lie on, the cross bar is easier to wash and it provides better bio-security. There are also no sharp edges for animals to injure themselves on.


Wilson is standard with bonding the roof to the 7" roof bows on 24" centers. Bonding eliminates fastener holes in the roof skin and evenly distributes stress vs. single point solid fasteners. Bonding means less fasteners and less weight.

A one-piece .045" aluminum roof skin is standard. Light-emitting ArmorTuf® roof material is available as an option.


Wilson manufactures their heavy-duty gates with full-framed aluminum construction and hinge grease zerks to reduce wear, operate more smoothly, and last longer. The full width hinges reduce sag, lessen movement in the sidewalls, and provide for stiffer connections.

Gate Pins

All Wilson gates have gate pin storage to help you with getting the gates shut quickly – When stowed, the pins are not wildly swinging about. In other words, no fumbling for the pins when slamming the gates shut.

Fold-To-Corner Bull Bar

The fold-to-corner bull bars feature vertical tubes on the rear section. This makes the bull bar stiffer with no sagging. Tube construction also provides better ventilation on the punch pan rear ends and the full-length hinges gives superior strength and durability.

Counter-Balanced Ramp

The counter-balanced ramp, pioneered by Wilson, features a long, gentle incline for easier loading and unloading, plus the step from the nose floor to the counter-balanced ramp is only 3”. Wilson caps all the tube ends for better sanitation and designs the side pattern holes to be punched according to ramp positions in order to minimize leakage.

Reduced Step Pull Out Ramp

Wilson’s reduced step pull out ramp is notched to fit over the floor corrugations. This also allows for more back clearance when the ramp is in the stored position. Notice the nice clean fit of the bull bar against the ramp – Hooves will not get between the ramp and the bull bar.

Cellar Ramp

The unobstructed cellar ramp has large beveled top rails for less bruising and the ramp corrugations are completely sealed for better cleaning and bio-security. It is designed and reinforced on the underside to handle the abuse by today’s larger livestock.


The smooth wrap-around front and sweeping nose cap, rounded on three planes, has been wind tunnel tested and proven to be more aerodynamic. Less wind resistance means greater fuel economy and superior handling, plus the design allows for more loadable space. The spun corner caps are more resistant to denting and the front skin is thicker, which adds strength to the trailer.

Sub Frame

Wilson’s lightweight aluminum sub frame possesses a natural resistance to corrosion problems and also presents a potential 300-pound weight savings over steel sub frames. Aluminum sub frames stay nicer looking far longer than steel sub frames because rock chips and the rusty aftermath do not affect their non-painted natural surface.

Interior Lighting

LED interior lights brightly illuminate interior spaces. These Grote bio-secure lights are made for exclusively for Wilson Trailer.

Side Skins


Wilson provides a variety of optional suspensions designed to make the most of gross weight limitations depending on your locale. Choose from the standard tandem axle, with various settings available or spread axle and multi-axle configurations. Lift-able rear axles are another option that can be added to make it easier to maneuver around in tight areas and saves on tire wear when not in use.

Panel Kits

Panel kits are available to protect livestock from the elements. Choose from convenient storage options of either on the nose, behind the deep bar, or a box between a spread axle suspension.

Panel Boxes

Wilson aluminum panel boxes are available for convenient storage of winter panel kits when they are not in use. Check our Aftermarket Department for more panel box options.


Several gate options are available for various gate positions and tube style gates allow for greater air circulation.


Spring-loaded locks provide quick and easy closure when loading and also prevent animals from opening during transit.

Roof Hatches

Roof hatches provide extra ventilation and access to livestock. Translucent roofs brighten the trailer interior.

Side Door

Walkout doors with folding steps allow easy operator access when backed up to a loading dock.

Bull Nose

Wilson offers the option of a bull nose front, instead of the traditional Wilson round front.


Overall lengths range from 46'-0" to 53'-0.”


Overall outside is 102". Inside width is 99".


13'-6" overall outside height on 49" F.W.H.

King Pin

6" high assembly with a top locking channel.
Standard setting: 30"
Minimum setting: 27"
Maximum setting: 44."
Pin settings deeper than 44" require the front to be lengthened.

Note:4" King Pin Settings Bullnose: Min. 30"; Radius: Min. 27"

Landing Gear

Extruded aluminum telescoping support legs with safety spring lock pins for height adjustment.


12" radius front corners with .080" aluminum single wall construction and extruded aluminum rib reinforcing channels, and 6" aluminum lower front channel. Three-piece aluminum cap with spun corner caps.

Spare Tire Carrier

None standard. Extra cost option.


Formed, offset sheet and post side sections of .080" aluminum with two sizes of punched and double-embossed oval openings. Formed posts on 21" centers. Extruded aluminum headers, deck rails, and rub rails with protective horizontal lip on belly side rail.

Floor Drains

Two in rear deep bar as standard. Other locations are optional as specified by customer.

Clean-Out Door

Aluminum, punched pan-type with aluminum hinges and stainless steel locks. One 15" wide x 26-3/4" high opening in lower front compartment.

Access Door

Belly: Four aluminum punched pan-type with aluminum hinges and stainless steel locks, located on driver's side, just to rear of center. Opening is 27" wide by full height of compartments minus structural components.


Roof construction consists of one-piece .045" aluminum roof skin bonded to extruded aluminum roof bows.


Front: .110" aluminum tread plate with five longitudinal corrugations. Belly and Stat-Deck: .110" aluminum tread plate with five longitudinal corrugations supported by 3" extruded aluminum crossbars on 12" centers.

Rear: .125" tread plate, supported by suspension sub frame aluminum crossbars.

Note: 9'-0" through 12'-6" rear floors will have .125" flat treadplate as standard. 13'-0" through 19'-0" rear floors will have .125" corrugated tread plate as standard.

Rear End

Left-hand roll-up with 36" opening. Right-hand solid. Full-width rubber bumper, four vertical rubber bumpers, and a stirrup step for trailer access are standard. See Rear End Style No. A.

Rear Compartment

Doghouse: Driver's side hinges level for deck and up for divider. Curb side is permanent deck.


Front Section: Calf rail for double-decking calves using optional deck plank.

Center Section: Stationary Deck for double-decking cattle.

Rear Section: Dog House for doubledecking. See spec drawing for dimensions.

STOR-DECK: Extruded aluminum stor-deck channels, with wear strips, in front compartment.

Divide Gates

Formed and punched aluminum. Front: gate/ramp combination. Rear: Left-hand load, swing inner gates. Styles vary with each model.


Rear Pull-Out: 37-1/2" wide x 102" long, stores under rear stationary deck.

Rear Belly Ramp: For loading lower center compartment, accessible thru rear trap door.

Front Gate Fold-Down Ramp: For loading upper front compartment.

Front Hand-Operated Ramp: 67-3/4" long x 60" wide, lowers for access to front when upper swing gate is raised, and returns to level floor position when upper swing gate is closed.


Lightweight aluminum punched pan, fold-to-the-corner style.

Mud Flaps

Black, Ultra-Rubber, anti-spray type are standard.


Front J560 7-way connector mounted in a nose box. Wiring harness is a ultra-blue sealed system. Tail lights are grommet mounted. Sealed LED. Midspan combination turn & clearance lights are grommet mounted sealed LED. Interior lights - 3 total. Exterior lights - 2 groups of 3 individual stop & turn tail lights with one group on each side of rear end. 2 groups of 2 oval, grommet mounted, sealed LED stop & turn lights with one group on each side of upper rear header. Rear I.D. & Marker lights are recessed grommet mounted LED clearance, marker, and license plate lights are standard.


CB2300 Air Ride, flange-mount, bolt-on SAF-Holland flange mounted to aluminum sub-frame.


Two, 5" round, 23,000 lbs. rating each.


16-1/2" x 7" x 5/8" Extended Service air brakes: no dust shields. Mandatory FMVSS-121 braking system standard with automatic slack adjusters. Anti-Lock Braking System using a 2S-1M system is standard equipment.


Dura-Lite, steel, with Stemco Guardian oil seals, Axilok spindle nuts, and Sentinal hub caps.


Cast steel, outboard mount.


10-hole Hub-Piloted. Eight, 8.25 x 24.5, white, steel disc.


Eight, 11R-24.5 Bridgestone R196 radials.


All steel components are treated to retard rust. King Pin area is completely painted prior to installation. All aluminum components are left natural.

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