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You will be pleased to see how easily Wilson's unique RollerTrap opens and closes. Some say they can spin the crank to full open once the door is initially retracted from its wedge seal.

The RollerTrap opens and closes smoothly, with minimal elbow grease. The trap door glides on two sets of in-line nylon rollers – No lubrication required! Flexible straps, coiled on a common shaft, pull the trap door open and closed without a rack and pinion system or gear cases.

Double Sealed

A flexible skirt overlaps the inside trap door opening, then commodity applies pressure on the skirt seal to prevent leaks. Seals below the skirt are compressed against the entire circumference of the aluminum door due to the wedged door design. The result is a tightly sealed trap.


A super strong stainless steel frame and a tough aluminum door will endure a long, productive life. Eliminating the rack-and-pinion system and the gear box helps cut as much as 85 lbs off the weight of a hopper equipped with standard size traps. Also, because a heavy rack-and-pinion casing is unnecessary, the clearance for a swing auger is increased.

Steel parts are plated with zinc chomate to resist corrosion.

Corrosion Resistant

Nylon rollers with stainless steel bushings resist wear and are not affected by moisture corrosion issues. This makes them more dependable and longer lasting. The rollers are located inside the stainless steel frame under the side seals where they are most effective without interring with the unloading process.

The use of non-corrosive materials means the RollerTrap will have a long service life with minimal maintenance.

Low Maintenance

Maintain proper strap tension with easy-to-access screw adjustments. Slotted bearing mountings simplify removal. The aluminum door resists debris buildup inside, while the stainless steel frame does away with corrosion concerns. Nylon rollers and stainless steel bushings do not need lubrication and there are no gearboxes to maintain!

Road Tested and Load Proven

Since it was introduced in 1996, the RollerTrap has successfully proven itself to be the easiest trap opener in the industry. Designed to simplify and speed up unloading, the RollerTrap's features drastically reduce maintenance and labor.

The RollerTrap is another great example of how Wilson employs cutting edge innovations and includes them as standard equipment.