Listening to valuable customer input has often been the first step to better solutions. Companies who innovate and continually evolve are generally recognized as dynamic forces within their industry for a very long time. For over 130 years, Wilson Trailer has developed many innovations proven to be industry game changers. Many of those innovations have propelled Wilson Trailer to the forefront of top trailer manufacturers.


After the Federal-Aid Highway Act was passed in June 1956, construction began on a 41,000-mile network of interstate highway system that connected the nation, and diesel-powered semis became an even more popular way to transport goods. Wilson Trailer saw the need to maximize the hauling capacity of their livestock trailers so they developed the drop center livestock trailer in the mid-1950s. Multi-level hauling that could be loaded and unloaded with straight trailer ease was now possible.


The multi-level design of the drop center livestock trailer needed a smooth way to transition livestock through the trailer levels. Wilson Trailer’s solution was to develop a front gate that will also operate as a ramp. Using finger-tip operation, the counterbalanced ramp simultaneously moved the gate up and the ramp down so livestock could flow directly from the top level into the nose level.


Wilson Trailer pioneered the “true combo” trailer to the flatbed industry. In fact, they have been producing the combo trailer longer than any current manufacturer in North America. By introducing the combination steel and aluminum trailer in 1983, Wilson ushered in a new era of significantly reduced trailer weights without diminished capacities. The combo concept also added an amazing life span to the trailers because aluminum’s natural ability to resist corrosion. Key aluminum trailer components, such as crossbars and side rails, were going to last much, much longer than their steel counterparts while reducing weight for added revenue opportunities.


Many years ago, rusted up gears and rollers on hard-to-operate trap door openers were just part of the routine when using a grain trailer…Until Wilson Trailer developed the revolutionary RollerTrap™ in 1996. This new trap opener did not even have a gear box, yet it became the industry’s easiest use and maintain.

Twin sets of flexible straps pull the trap door open and closed with little effort. The stainless-steel trap frame and aluminum door put an end to corrosion concerns, plus there were virtually no obstructions below the frame, which means “true” ground clearance for auger use.


Have you ever had a steer decide he was coming back out just as you were attempting to lock him in with the rear door of your stock trailer? Wilson Trailer developed and patented the SlamCatch™ which automatically grabs ahold of the rear door when it is slammed closed behind loaded livestock. With the rear door secured by the SlamCatch, the operator can safely engage the door’s lock rod.


Wilson’s patented aluminum side rail and securement design is fully supported, top and bottom, with a new TJ style aluminum crossbar that increases the strength of the rail and the crossbar connections. The rail has an integrated double “L” winch track which reduces weight, adds strength and allows winches and strap securement to slide easier.


A “quick tie” plate receiving rail, located in the outside rail and below the floor level, allows wider loads to be secured at multiple locations along the rail and not to be susceptible to mud, ice and gunk build-up. The large cutouts in the outside rail easily fit 4” wide winch straps.


The aluminum side rail design receives a substantial amount of its strength from full-height TJ aluminum crossbars fastened to each rail in three areas. The design provides unitized strength to the side rail, floor and crossbars, plus it increases the side rails securement capacities.

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