Stockmaster semi-trailers are available in straight floor or shallow drop for greater compartment height. Different multi-level static deck configurations can be added or consider adding hydraulic lift decks offering less stress for animals and easier cleanout for operators. Wilson pays the best attention to animal safety by eliminating areas which cause scrapes and bruising and they build-in better bio security by eliminating areas that retain animal waste.

Available in either punch or slat style, the trailers are completely fastened, allowing the trailer to flex when needed. You will appreciate the lower cost of operation by not having to repair broken welds.


Radius NoseThe smooth wrap-around front and sweeping nose cap, rounded on three planes, has been wind tunnel tested and proven to be more aerodynamic. The spun corner caps are more resistant to denting and the front skin is thicker, which adds strength to the trailer.
Side SkinsWilson uses the industry’s thickest side skin to produce their trailers. Larger, double embossed, oval slots provide superior airflow with punch patterns designed to minimize leakage. Your livestock arrives with less bruising and less stress with Wilson’s super smooth interior walls.
FloorsWilson’s heat-treated flooring is 6061T6 hardness aluminum, the hardest aluminum available for the best wearing and with the highest diamond tread height for the best traction. It is fastened, not welded, to 3” u-shaped crossbars, which means it is not subject to broken welds and the associated floor weaknesses.
Floor Cross BarsThe design of Wilson’s exclusive u-shaped crossbars, used in both the stat deck and the belly, offers superior biosecurity, plus greater floor strength is attained since the floor is fastened to both sides of the crossbar. U-shaped crossbars are stiffer than z-crossbars and offer better resistance to twisting and less damage due to belly dragging.
RoofA one-piece .045” aluminum roof skin is standard. Light-emitting ArmorTuf® roof material is available as an option..
Sub FrameThe exclusive and standard Wilson Z2 extruded long member virtually eliminates corrosion, metal fatigue and loose fasteners in certain areas of the sub frame and deepbar.
Rear Corner PostsWilson uses a true extrusion for their rear corner posts, which adds more strength for an area of the trailer receiving daily jolts when backing up to unloading chutes.

Wilson Trailer Advantage


Overall lengths range from 44'-0" to 57'-0".
Overall width is 102". Inside width is 99" between sides.
11-0", 11'-6", 12'-0", 12'-6", 13'-0", and 13'-6" overall heights available. PSADL Drops available in 6", 8", or 12" at belly. All based on 49" F.W.H.
King Pin
6" high assembly with top locking channel. Standard setting: 30" minimum setting: 27" PSADL maximum setting: 44". Pin settings deeper than 44" require belly to be shortened. NOTE: 10'-0" nose is standard. PSAL has no maximum setting.
Landing Gear
Extruded aluminum telescoping support legs with safety spring lock pins for height adjustment.
12" radius front corners with .080" aluminum single wall construction and extruded aluminum rib reinforcing channels, and a 6" aluminum lower front channel. Three-piece aluminum cap with spun corner caps.
Spare Tire Carrier
Optional at extra cost.
Formed, offset sheet and post side sections of .080" aluminum with two sides of punched and double-embossed oval openings. Extruded aluminum headers, deck rails, and rub rails. Formed posts on 21" centers.
Clean-Out Door
Optional at extra cost.
Access Door
Optional at extra cost.
One piece translucent roof skin bonded to extruded aluminum roof bows. Aluminum roof is optional.
.110 aluminum tread plate with 5 corrugations, supported by 6" high extruded aluminum crossbars.
Rear End
Left-hand roll-up with 36" opening, right-hand solid. Full-width rubber bumper, four vertical rubber bumpers, and a stirrup step for trailer access are standard.
Optional at extra cost.
Optional at extra cost.
Optional at extra cost.
Optional at extra cost.
Mud Flaps
Black Ultra-Rubber, anti-spray type are standard.
All steel components are treated with a primer and painted to retard rust.
Front J560 7-way connector mounted in a nose box. Wiring harness is a ultra-blue sealed system. Tail lights are grommet mounted. Sealed LED. Midspan combination turn & clearance lights are grommet mounted sealed LED. Interior lights - 3 total. Exterior lights - 2 groups of 3 individual stop & turn tail lights with one group on each side of rear end. 2 groups of 2 oval, grommet mounted, sealed LED stop & turn lights with one group on each side of upper rear header. Rear I.D. & Marker lights are recessed grommet mounted LED clearance, marker, and license plate lights are standard.
CB2300 air ride, flange mount, bolt-on SAF Holland flange mounted to aluminum sub frame.
Two: 5" round, 22,500 lbs. nominal rating each.
16-1/2" x 7" x 5/8" extended service air brakes, no dust shields. Mandatory FMVSS-121 braking system standard with automatic slack adjusters. ABS is standard equipment using a 2S - 1M system.
Dura-Lite, steel with National oil seals, Axilok spindle nuts, and Sentinel hub caps.
Cast steel, outboard mount.
Eight 10-hole hub-piloted, steel disc, white.
Eight, Bridgestone radials, PSAL: 11R-24.5 Bridgestone R196 radials. PSADL: size dependent on front drop specified.


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