34’ - 53’
96" - 102"
22” Standard
66" - 114"
27" x 31"
(8) 8.25 x 24.5”


The most preferred grain trailer in North America! Up and down the highway and in and out of the field is just what the Pacesetter is designed to do – Premium performance when and where you need it.

Engineered to maximize even weight distributions from steer axle to rear axle – You’ll feel confident in achieving your best payload.

Standard with the original RollerTrap™ – The industry’s easiest to use trap opener since 1996. Lightweight, trouble-free, and very low maintenance.


Front End The smooth side-to-front corner radius design, made of polished stainless steel, adds to the trailer’s stylish looks and makes the trailer more aerodynamically efficient.
King Pin Open king pin design transfers weight to the side rails and eliminates unnecessary cross bracing that can collect debris and add weight. This also provides greater access for cleaning and maintenance.
Riveting Larger diameter rivets with larger heads generate greater, more desirable shear strength and greater side strength.
RollerTrap™The easiest trap opener to use and maintain in the industry with virtually no obstructions below the trap frame for “true” ground clearance.
Side Vent Ports Positioned between each set of side post, the vent ports allow the sides to breathe, extend the life of the side wall and serve as a useful inspection source.
Hoppers Wilson’s two-piece hoppers are standard with 2 stiffeners per side plus corner bracing for a stronger hopper.
Rear End Wilson’s deeper front and rear channels add strength to the trailer’s design.

Wilson Trailer Advantage


34’ 0” - 53’ 0” overall lengths
8’ 0” (96" – 102") overall width, 92” inside between skin 8’ 6” (101-3/4”) overall width, 98” inside between skin*
10’ 3” overall height (side height 66” with 54” skin) Optional heights: 72,” 78,” 84,” 90”, 96”, 102”, 108”, and 114”
22” standard king pin setting
Landing Gear
Two-speed, vertical, JOST UL500 Ultralight, No-Lube. 114" setting.
5-5/8" radius corners with stainless steel front corner covers, pre-painted .050" aluminum front skin, single wall construction with extruded aluminum vertical Z-type posts, corner sections, lower front finish rail. Ladder assembly and short catwalk. Two grab handles on header.
Double wall construction; one-piece .050" pre-painted aluminum outside skin; extruded aluminum Z-type side posts; 66" high available with one-piece outside skin in white only. All other sizes are vertically spliced panels. Inside skin one-piece from 66" to 84" side height. Vent port in rub rails between each side post.
Rear End
Single-wall construction. Rear skin is smooth, pre-painted white, with 5 extruded aluminum Z-posts. Two-piece extruded aluminum rear bumper. Ladder assembly and short catwalk. Two-rung ladder extension is standard. Two grab handles on header.
Binder Bars & Tarp Supports
41' and 43' units have 8 permanent arched aluminum tube binder bars with all bows at 10" rise. Two nylon 1" wide straps, spaced on 22" centers at center of trailer, serve as tarp supports.
Lower Hoppers
Two structurally integrated lower two-piece hoppers with extruded aluminum corners and 39-1/4 degree slopes on the side, and 33-1/2 degree slopes on the front and rear are standard. Hoppers have extruded aluminum stiffeners; 2 stiffeners on the front and rear, and 2 stiffeners on the sides. Hoppers are divided equally by a hopper center divider.
Hopper Traps
Two aluminum RollerTrap assemblies have 27" wide x 31" long openings. Additional sizes available.
Traps Assembly Ground Clearance
The standard ground clearance of the trap assemblies is 17" on 11 x 24.5 tires. Ag hoppers (21" distance) are available.
Trap Openers
Each trap is opened and closed manually through rollers and twin sets of flexible belts and removable crank on the driver's side.
Mud Flaps
Black rubber anti-spray type are standard.
All steel components are treated with an anti-corrosive coating. Trap opener plated with yellow zinc dichromate. All aluminum components are left natural.
Internal Ground System: 12 volt I.C.C. lights with 7-way connector and wiring harness is standard. Two groups of three individual red LED STOP/TURN tail lights are factory sealed. Sealed LED clearance lights (Grote MicroNova). Flashable LED center marker light is standard.
H-9700 fabricated, under-mount, welded components with screw adjusted radius rods and 11,200 lb. rating two-leaf springs. Subframe: Steel longmembers and crossbars are standard; aluminum is optional. Haldex automatic slack adjusters are standard. Other air ride suspensions are available.
Two: 5" round with 20,000 lb. rating each with spring suspension. Air Ride suspensions supplied with large diameter axles. Tandem Setting: 49-1/4" from rear bumper to center between axles. Track Width: 71-1/2" on 96" wide; 77-1/2" on 102" wide.
16-1/2" x 7" x 5/8" double anchor pin, air brakes. Less dust shields. EF non-asbestos brake linings. Wabco; 2 sensor, 1 modulator, ABS
Dura-light hub using MacLean-Fogg Axilok spindle nuts, with Stemco Guardian seal hub cap.
Cast steel, outboard mount.
Eight 8.25 x 24.5 white steel disc. 10 hole hub-piloted wheels are standard.
Many options available.


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