Up to 53'
8' - 8’6”
36" Standard
66” - 108”
8.25" x 24.5"
25" - 48" Belt

Patriot Self Unloading Belt Trailer

The year around versatility of the self-unloading Patriot belt trailer coupled with the practicality of its long-lasting and lightweight aluminum construction lends itself to years of service and greater payloads. Wilson’s smooth aerodynamic sidewall design reduces wind drag, increases fuel economy and makes the live bottom belt trailer easier to pull. The trailer stays cleaner longer, therefore reducing maintenance and the associated costs.

Realize the Patriot’s full hauling potential from season to season with such products as corn, potatoes, gluten, hay cubes, gravel and limestone. Unload them all in just a few minutes. The Patriot belt trailer is standard with the best features and it has all the available options necessary to make this trailer meet your hauling needs.


Front End Beefed up king pin assembly gives the Patriot added strength in this critical area. The accessible adjusters are located on the front rail so chain tension adjustments can be easily made. A stainless-steel hinged door is provided for access to the front area of the trailer.
Side Walls The Patriot’s smooth double sidewall offers superior aerodynamics with increased fuel economy and a cleaner, better appearance. Promoting insulating properties not available on single wall trailers, products like corn gluten can be hauled in colder climates and are less likely to freeze. Riveted construction allows the Patriot to flex in response to varying surfaces. The Patriot is made tough for hauling in or out of the field or feedlot.
Conveyor Chain/Flaps Multi-ply rubber flaps are attached to extruded and enclosed aluminum crossbar tubes and two lengths of chain. Flaps hang under the trailer to help them self-clean before completing the revolution back into the trailer. On the inside of the trailer, the flaps lie flat under the load but develop large pockets to positively grip the product. This helps eliminate bridging the product as it moves out the rear of the trailer.
Floor Pan The completely enclosed flat floor pan under the chain conveyor retains high moisture product and extends floor liner life.
Side Liner The HMW liners of the Patriot used on the diagonal slope sheets provide quick and smooth unloading of even the stickiest of products. An optional UHMW liner is available for abrasive products like gravel. The standard UHMW free-floating floor liner under the chain is designed to expand and contract freely with ambient temperatures and extend floor life.
Conveyor Drive MotorA 24.5:1 planetary drive, driven by a two-speed hydraulic motor, powers the conveyor belt. Larger diameter drive sprockets with additional teeth engage the chain better and promote longer service of the conveyor chain and drive components.
Door Latches Premium stainless latches help the side swing doors to maintain a tight seal plus support the lower corners of the rear door.
Door Hinges Adjustable door hinges on side swing doors help align the rear door and maintains a good fit.

Wilson Trailer Advantage


Available in lengths up to 53'-0"
8' - 8’6”
10'-3" overall height, excluding tarp bows which add 10" to height. Other sidewall heights are 66", 78", 84", 90", 96", 102", and 108".
36” standard king pin setting
Smooth pre-painted white single wall construction with stainless steel corner radius panels. Walkway with ladder and grab handles standard. OPTIONAL: Pre-painted black, pewter metallic or polished stainless steel front panels.
Single aluminum interior sheet, pre-painted white aluminum exterior panel with internal z-posts separating sheets for strength, decreasing wind resistance. 6061-T6 aluminum body cross members. Steel tube rear impact guard/bumper with full width aluminum dust shield over bumper is standard. OPTIONAL: Pre-painted black, pewter metallic, gunmetal and polished stainless steel exterior panels ILO white.
Door sheets and filler panels are smooth pre-painted white aluminum. Entry steps and grab handles are standard on every Wilson DWBT-600. Smooth full width aluminum dust shield over rear bumper reduce contaminants from being lodged into brakes and wheels when stock piling product. OPTIONAL: Pre-painted black, pewter metallic, gunmetal or polished stainless steel rear door and filler panels.
Belly Pan
Smooth/flat, fully enclosed fabricated aluminum belly pan under conveyor system. 45 degree corrugated aluminum slope sheets attached to the belly pan. OPTIONAL:57 degree slopes for sticky products.
Conveyor System
STANDARD: 36" wide conveyor in 96" wide body with AL88C 2-strand pintle chain with 3-ply rubber flaps fastened to extruded aluminum crossbars. Grease zerks and hoses from front shaft bearings to front lower channel is standard, to ease greasing the bearings. Front shaft/chain tension adjustment is done at the front lower channel as well. OPTIONAL: 30" wide conveyor in 96" body with 45-degree slopes. 42" wide conveyor in 96" wide body with 57-degree slopes. 42" and 48" wide conveyor in 102" wide body with 45 degree slopes. 48" wide conveyor in 102" wide body with 57-degree slopes.
Liner System
3/16" HMW (High Molecular Weight) sideliner overlying the slope sheets is standard. The top of the standard sideliner rises to 13" above the top of the slope sheet. 1/4" UHMW (Ultra High Molecular Weight) abrasive resistant free-floating floor liner under the conveyor system is standard. OPTIONAL: Taller HMW sideliner or UHMW sideliner.
Conveyor Drive Components
24.5:1 ratio Omni planetary gearbox coupled to heat-treated drive shaft and drive sprockets. Charlynn hydraulic motor coupled to planetary gearbox.
Hydraulic Unload System
PTO hoses to the front with 1" Pioneer quick couplers located on front lower channel, to hook to truck mounted wet kit. Variable speed hydraulic flow control valve with fluid filled hydraulic pressure gauge recessed in left hand sidewall near rear for easy operator access. All hydraulic controls are accessed through hinged stainless steel door in sidewall where they are protected. OPTIONAL: 20 h.p. Honda electric start hydraulic system with load sense hydraulic pump enclosed in aluminum box. 5 h.p. electric/hydraulic system (any combination of unload system available).
52.34 cu yds (water level).
Tarp & Bow
Roll tarp available in several colors. Seven-10" arched, removable, and swinging steel tarp bows are standard. Aluminum front and rear tarp caps are standard with spring loaded tarp return system standard on rear cap. Removable rear header is standard with tarp system to protect rear tarp cap.
Conveyors are available in 25", 30”, 36”, 42” and 48” widths, each are designed to specifically unload whatever products you intend to haul.
Hutch 9700T tandem 2-leaf suspension with 11,200 lbs axle rating and steel suspension sub-frame components are standard. Aluminum debris shields over the trailer tires are standard. OPTIONAL: Aluminum debris shields alongside king pin/over tractor tires, air ride suspensions and multi-axle suspension configurations.
5" round, rated at 22,500 lbs with 49" between each axle.
Severe service 16-1/2" x 7" double anchor pin brakes, comply with FMVSS 121. Meritor Wabco 2S/1M ABS brake system.
Dura-lite composite steel hubs (lifetime warranty).
Outboard mount cast steel drums. OPTIONAL: Several light weight brake drum options.
Hub piloted 8.25" x 24.5" steel disc wheels are standard.
Bridgestone R196 11R24.5 radial tires are standard.
Mud Flaps
Black rubber anti-spray with Wilson Trailer logo.


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