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Strong, secure and ready for the roundup. With its convenient and secure tack room, the Roper punch style trailer provides space to carry needed equipment when working cattle, show gear for competitions or saddles for the trail. Handy accessories can be added to finish this trailer out just the way you need it. The trailer features the same style of reliable construction as our larger sales leading semi-livestock trailers and can be ordered in lengths up to 42’.


Nose Frame and CouplerWilson Trailer provides more strength in the nose area with full-length steel supports. A fully boxed steel frame plus the extra plating and fastening in the transition areas clearly illustrates Wilson’s strength in the trailer nose. Also note the number of crossbars that provide more nose floor strength.
Tack RoomThe versatile tack room is available with either a straight or slanted wall. Access into the nose area from the tack room creates even more convenient storage space. A lockable, sealed tack room door keeps all your gear secure and out of the elements. Both the tack room door and the additional door can be located on the trailer’s driver or curb sides.
FloorWilson uses the hardest alloy for the best wearing and the floor incorporates the highest diamond tread height for the surest footing. Also note, the floor of the trailer is fastened and not welded to the floor crossbars. This allows the floor to flex without the worry of a compromised floor from broken welds. The floor of a livestock trailer directly affects the trailer’s resale value – An important element to consider when purchasing a new trailer. Wilson offers the best floors in the business and their trailers fetch the best prices at trade-in time.
Aluminum Sub FrameWith the Foreman’s aluminum sub frame, not only are the weight savings big, there are no steel components other than the axles to lose paint, cause rust or electrolysis…The enemy of aluminum trailers. Trailers with 10k tri-axles require a steel sub frame.
Side PanelsWilson Trailer incorporates embossments into the smooth areas of their stock trailer’s punched side panels. With thorough testing and customer feedback, the embossments have proven to greatly increase the panel’s strength and ability to resist denting. Visual appeal is also enhanced, making Wilson goosenecks supreme, long-lasting trailers.
Formed PostsPrecision-formed vertical posts are spaced closer together for extra strength. One of the industry’s most unified body designs.
Riveted ConstructionWilson punch style gooseneck trailers are built with riveted construction, which allows them to flex when needed. This means you spend less time maintaining welds and more time realizing your lowest cost of operation. Wilson pioneered the concept of a fully riveted gooseneck trailer to the market.
RoofRoof skin stretched to maximum efficiency makes it uncommonly tough for extra life.
Skid PlateThe rear of a stock trailer can drag when pulled across uneven surfaces. This scraping action can roll dirt and gravel up into the sub frame, damage crossbars and potentially pull the rear of the trailer out. To guard against this, Wilson puts in a full-width skid plate across the rear of their sub frames.
Slam Catch™Wilson’s spring-loaded catch will firmly grab ahold of the door when you swing it closed behind your load. You will then have more time to safely engage the lock rod and secure the door all the way shut. Feel more confident and more protected with the patented Slam Catch.

Wilson Trailer Advantage


16 ft. nominal, plus 7 ft. gooseneck. Available at extra cost in lengths up to and including 42 ft. in 2 ft. increments with corresponding increases in GVWR.
7 ft. inside width.
7 ft. inside height.
Front End
Tapered front.
One-piece, stretched aluminum.
Formed offset sheet and post sections of aluminum with two sizes of punched and double-embossed oval openings. Formed posts on 21" centers. Choice of Side Patterns: A,B,C,D, etc.
Rear Door
Style "A" with L.H. Roll-up; and anti-rack lock rod and latch with full width rubber bumper. Other rear door styles to choose from.
Rear End
Full-width rubber bumper.
.110" thick flat aluminum treadplate. Crossbars on 9" centers.
Side Door
Must be added to the order.
Extruded aluminum.
Crowd Gate
Style "A" with outside-release latch; punched pan. Standard on trailer 24' and under. Trailers over 24' you must call out 1 full frame gate.
Tack Room
OPTIONAL straight or slant tack walls.
Steel coated with black anti-corrosive metal treatment; all aluminum left natural.
2-5/16 in. diameter ball-type with adjustable coupler height.
Landing Gear
12,000 lb. drop leg with high-speed crank.
Four-wheel; electric
7K axles standard. 8K or 10K axles (tandem) or 7K and 8K axles (triple) are optional.
Must be added to the order.
Must be added to the order.


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